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Knowing that you are here brings me a massive amount of happiness

Day One.

Hello! First, I’d like to give a huge thanks if you’re reading this. My friends and I have worked really hard on this website, so knowing that you are here, hopefully enjoying it, brings me a massive amount of happiness.

Secondly – wow, what a year 2020 has been. Covid-19 closed up the shop for several months and we are now in a position to be taking appointments again. I myself have gone to one appointment per day, four days a week. This kind of approach has definitely impacted my workload, but also created a much less stressful environment and allows me to focus all my energy on the appointment for the day, ensuring that I’m creating a tattoo that I am happy with rather than trying to squeeze all this work into a limited window and be ready to do it again. I’m very lucky to be working this way – not that many people can. My clients should also be aware that I am educating myself on Covid-19, taking precautions and ensuring a healthy, sterile environment for both you and me and as of now, I have two Covid-19 related certifications from the WHO and am committed to continuing that education to ensure the health of my community.

I also feel like I should take this space to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m sure it’s filled your news feeds for the last month or so at this point, but fact of the matter is there are a ton of institutions in this country that are built on racist foundations – and how could they not be? Considering America’s roots, it should be no surprise that these things are long overdue for modernization and reexamination. There are a ton of resources out there that I’ve been diving into educating myself about racism in this country and if you’d like to join in on the conversation, I suggest you check out some for yourself.

Finally, I would just like to put into words how I’m scheduling people for the foreseeable future: First, all appointments are received through e-mail for my own sanity and organizational purposes. Once I get that e-mail, I put your name in a list to ensure that I’m scheduling people as they come. When it’s time to schedule your appointment, I then will send you an e-mail with three to five dates which you can then claim, or reply with later dates that work better for you and we’ll work together on getting you scheduled in a timely manner. Essentially I am contacting clients in “waves,” which helps me fill out about a week a time, filling gaps when and where I can. If your appointment requires a consultation that will be addressed in communication, and for the time being, I am waiving all deposits though any last-minute cancellations will put you at the bottom of the list.

Again, I just want to say that I am incredibly excited about this website and am so happy that you’re here with me, reading the words, looking at the pictures and paintings that I have spent many hours creating and curating, and hopefully engaging in some of the fun stuff we have here. So thank you again, and I’ll be posting again soon!

Happy Pride Month!


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