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Hey! Check out this painting!


Since our last update, the website has launched! We got a ton of positive feedback about it, for which I am very grateful, and have worked out a lot of the bugs! That said, if you’ve encountered an error on the website, please let me know and we’ll get to fixing it right away! 

I have also sent out my very first newsletter! Right now I am anticipating a bi-weekly newsletter which will feature a new painting and a line drawing for new flash. Sometimes this will accompany a blog post, sometimes it may not – but the newsletter community will always get them, and will even receive special discounts on featured flash! 

On a more serious side, and more importantly, Covid cases in New Mexico have been spiking lately and I want to just take this time to extend my well-wishes to anyone reading this. I hope you and your family are able to avoid this devastating virus and please remember that if you come in contact with anyone who has tested positive to not only get tested yourself, but remember the power of isolation and of course, wear your mask if isolation is not an option! Lots of new data is coming out about the effectiveness of masks and it is more important now than ever to ensure the health of our communities. Of course, if you have an outstanding appointment with me and require isolation, we can reschedule at no penalty to you.

With that out of the way, let’s look at this week’s painting! 

Recently I was asked to do a wolf head for a customer. The line drawing was based off of an old tattoo design, which itself is referenced from an engraving of a wolf head from the early 1900’s. The original is one of my favorite old designs and I was very excited to make my own rendition of it! 

Speaking of things I’m excited about: here’s this week’s flash!

I’ve had this design in my pocket for some time, but I really wanna do it! This would look great across your upper back, around a wrist or forearm, or even over your knee! If you want this tattoo, click “Book an Appointment” below and tell me you want this week’s special and I’ll make sure you get a good price!


Artwork and Words by Kenny Stewart

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