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So, a lot of people have asked me: "why are you leaving social media?"

Launch time!

Hey! So the last couple weeks have been a LOT of work for me and my friends/web developers! Meticulously adjusting sizes, placements, coming up with interesting and creative ways to display the artwork, and working on an adventure you’ll be able to take (soon!). Overall, this has definitely been the most work I’ve ever put into a website. Every painting you see on the page was created specifically with this page in mind, and there are even more to come! I have a lot of ideas that hopefully I’ll be able to make moves on soon – some having to do with tattooing and others not so much!

So, a lot of people have asked me: “why are you leaving social media?” And the answer is generally the same. I have various opinions on social media, its effect on our minds and the roles it puts us in, but really I’m more interested in creating a space where the people who are interested in my art can get a curated experience. Those of you who have been tattooed by me know that when you get me talking, I tend to talk a lot and I have a lot of opinions on… just about everything. It’s in those moments that I feel like I’m really connecting with my clients and our roles of consumer and producer begin to blur into acquaintances and, perhaps eventually friends. So really, my goal in creating this website is to become your friend.

Anyways – that’s about all I wanted to talk about today, but I’m going to make it a goal to end every one of my blog posts with an interesting piece of media. I thought for my “official” kick-off of the website, I’d post my go-to Spotify playlist that I throw on when I’m working. Some of you have heard this and remarked on how calming some of the tracks are, and there are some on there that I find quite powerful and fill me with lots of emotions. These songs are all from Northern European bands, so if you like vikings you’re gonna like this playlist I think.

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See you soon!

Meditations Playlist on Spotify, compiled by Kenny.


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